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B.I.G. to the BANG

Fridays are the best thing ever, in case you didn't know ;D (although Thursday is my favorite day)
Woke up at 5AM so I could be at school at 6:15AM so I could get extra credit in Science and I succeeded 8D Got there and looked up at the extremely cloudy and lightning-y sky for a satellite. Failure, duh. But I still got extra credit. =D
So I walked around the nearly deserted and dark school and found Nisheba! Woo~ Sat with her for awhile before I went to look for Daisy and Sandra around the bus loop and just so happened to see Bus 531 arrive ;D So I followed J until I he found a friend (almost immediately) and went into the 2nd Building. Then I found Nisheba and walked with her over to the 6th Building then decided to check one more time for Daisy and Sandra near the 3rd building and BOOM! [[ boom up! Boom boom up! ]] there they were. But we only got to see each other for like 2 minutes before the bell rang and we had to go seperate ways XD
-French = Numbers to 100 and COLORS~ I love the world purple. Violet! Vee-oh-lay~ She played freaky French music that sang the colors. Le coleurs~
-Math = I still like it. And I guess I'm building shoulder muscles because it seems it's not as hard to carry the Algebra honors book everwhere. :3
[[ I effing LOVE seeing Loner in between these classes ]]
-Science; Got my extra credit >8D Did a little worksheet on the satellite that's still headed towards Pluto. Apparently, the satellite we were trying to see this morning will be visible again on Sunday at 8:23PM.
[[ I get to see Loner again~~~ We lock eyes. ]]
-English & Adv Comms Methods; Writing that essay was surprisingly easy =D That weird girl that sits with Daisy and I is well... Weird. Daisy says it's mean to say that XD Oh well... But yeah, she vented in her essay but I graded it higher than I thought it should be. That guy that looks like Jacob, Andrew, and Neil all at that table seem really nice because they're quiet and not loud and annoying like the others. I EFFING HATE THAT GUY WILLY. He's an ass. That's all I'm going to say...
Is amazing. I see all the A's during this time. He is ALWAYS with friends dude, oh gosh. I think I saw Loner talking with somebody! Found out that he has Spanish! So I told Daisy that if he was Korean or Chinese she could say Hello to him in 3 different languages! hehe. We followed J in line >8D He's so adorable. I love his teeth. Loner looked at my shirt yesterday! MWUAHAHAHA~ I love locking eyes with A's... XD
Orchestra = *plays music, gets lost, plays more music* DONE! The bass players are all so freakishly tall.
HOPE = Classroom again *sigh* Where the heck is my iPod when I need it? It's so boring, we never do anything.

Went to Daisy's locker and everything, then walked across the street to the mall. The one time I don't have to hurry to the buses and they leave late. WTF. We [Daisy, Sandra, Me] walked over to the mall with everyone else and walked over to the Food Court [of course xD] And went straight to Panda Express [also, of course] and we saw a guy who is friends with S and I said "Should S be here then?" and guess who I saw! No, not S... JOSIAH~ In line for Taco Bell. I thought he was in line for Dairy Queen so I told Daisy I wanted to go to Taco Bell since it was right next to it and so we ended up being RIGHT behind him *giggles* He got a LOT of food. And is so skinny. I'm jealous. XD Then Sandra and I went over to get drinks from McDonalds while eyeing J's long table of friends. Then they added ANOTHER table to it. Dang he has so many friends. While we were sitting dow
n I saw one of J's friends and I was like "Shouldn't J come looking for him?" around the same time Daisy said it would be nice if he went down to the Japanese place. AND GUESS WHAT HE DID! XD We saw him run past us and touch his friends back while walking by and smiled back at him than proceeded to run down to the Surka Japan restaurant! I was flailing slightly at our correct-ness. He was there for a second then came walking back with a phone in his hand and talking on it. SO HE'S RELATED TO ONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT WORKS THERE! We knew he was Japanese! >8DD Okay, then shortly after we lost him and walked down to Forever 21 and saw some nice stuff that reminded us of many Korean people XD But the manikins are in nasty positions so we left and went down to F.Y.E. to look for Asian things. All we found we this shirt I want SOOO BAD~! It's a peace sign made up of a whole bunch of words which are 'peace' in different languages INCLUDING KOREAN. Mwuahahaha~ Also, when Daisy and I were in line she told me how disgustingly addictive Baja Mountain Dew is and OF COURSE completely agreed because we are the same person. I told her how I took a sip of my mom's and was like 'ew' and then drank most of it and SHE DID TOO. Oh gosh. XDD Anyways, we bought tons of gum I felt myself building jaw muscles XD  We figured Taec has at least 50 pieces a day. Okay, *walk walk walk* Before, I hardly knew anyone in the mall and now I recognize almost all of them! So freaky... Oh yes, we went to the Pet Store. It's a depressing place. X'D Daisy teared up when she saw a dog that looked like her previous dog Baby and I teared up when I told them about a bunny I saw that reminded me SO much of Sylvester. haha T_T. Anyways, went back down to the Food Court and solicited by drawing for like 3 hours. Daisy drew 'Kim Sung Moo'? [a hot Asian male that we wish existed] Or something like that. Sandra drew an Asian lady of some sort. And I drew a simple Lion half mermaid. I kept calling it a Sea Lion which I know doesn't make sense. XD Anyways, so drawing and listening to music [[ and Sandra showing me Yoochun & Jae matching tattoos ]] is all we did for 3 hours and didn't even notice until Christi came and snuck up on me, scaring the crap out of me. She was with my mom and nephews and they only stood there a minute before they moved on to go walk around or whatever. Sandra, Daisy, and I sat there for like 15 minutes longer before these guys sat near us and then the mall cops came and told them to move on because that was soliciting! D:< And so we decided to move along before we were told to XD Then we walked around some more before Daisy went to the bathroom and Sandra and I sat RIGHT in front of the Japanese place :3 That one guy was on the phone a lot and SUPER delicious. He kept looking at Sandra and I and LOCKING EYES. There was also a very adorable and snatchable baby over to the right of where we were sitting and I was like "Awe~~" so when Daisy came back we told her about them and she went to get money from her Mom for a McFlurry [[ aka McHeaven, the number two heaven of the food world- because number one is taken by Orange Chicken ]] and as we were walking away from the table where we were sitting that delicious guy kept STARING until we were ALL the way across the Food Court to get ice cream at McDonalds XD Locking eyes with Asians is my hobby. Anyways, we went and sat down at a little bit farther away table but I think he still saw us. Christi & family came by and said it was time to go so we said goodbye and it was a good thing their Mom and Grandma were outside waiting. Then when I got home I was said because I hadn't listened to G-Dragon ALL day~! And I could NOT find my iPod anywhere. So I laid on the floor for awhile and then my mom was like "Come here~" so I crawled out of my room and was like "T_T What?" she was eating a PLUM and said Christi said it was the last one so I was like T_______T and my mom said "You should have gotten out here quicker and I would have shared it with you..." Then I laid on the floor in the living room for like 10 minutes before she was like "... There's more dinosaur plums in the kitchen along with some Strawberry Milk!" then I ran to the kitchen and was SOOO~ happy because I had been craving those two things for the past week and a half. All happy, I got on my computer and checked everything and grabbed my headphones and plugged them into the computer, turning it close to all the way up and felt a million times better because of plums, strawberry milk, and loud music. BTW; I love f(x), the new girl group from SM. More specifically, their song 'Lachata' I'll have to watch the video more because I've only seen it once and didn't REALLY watch it then because I was going through other Omona stuff :P Now I'm exhausted so I'll check my friends page one more time then be on my way to bed~

+++: I found out I have ANOTHER Asian neighbor! You think I'm lucky right? Well, I would be if anyone in my neighborhood ever came out of their house XD He's older like 45? But I think he's handsome. :3 So all I can do is look outside and hope they come outside around the same time as me :\ I still love that there is a chance of that happening though.