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It's all about you, my butterfly.

I noticed I hadn't updated in like a month, so here I am.
Don't know what to write about [[ Anthony says it should be about animals XD ]]
This will be about anything that pops into my mind.... BEWARE~!
Big Bang is definitely trying to suck me into loving them. And it's working.
As Daisy said; "Every once in a while I find myself excepting thugliciousness from Big Bang and becoming addicted to the songs!"
XD Exactly what I thought. Oh yeah, incase you didn't know, Daisy and I have the same brain.
G-Dragon was so not cute before and now it's like @w@ hehe~
I downloaded the teaser to his song Butterfly and I have it on repeat right now. Not even the song. Just the 40 second teaser.
I think it's like half English half Korean. I don't really know... XD
ALSO, Baek Ji Young [백지영] 's new song 'My Ear's Candy' featuring Taec from 2PM is delicious.
I'm kinda disappointed in BoA for doing a song with Akon. That guy freaks me out / I hate him.
I'm so tired. I think I will post this then pass out.
Oh, and I definitely had a 2PM spasm today. I woke up with 'I Hate You' stuck in my head and I immediately had to watch that video where they're practicing it and goofing off XD Junho taking his shirt off at the end... @w@ [[ <- I always make that face when I see my favorites. ]] hehe. Anyways >_> Don't mind me. I'm just an odd girl obsessed with Asians... But I know a few of those. XD
Which brings me to my master plan; SUPER JUNIOR WORLD DOMINATION~! Yes, that's right. I will have everyone that matters loving Super Junior. I am determined. >:D Those other people I hate shouldn't know who Super Junior is >_< Why? Because I said so.
I really want the lyrics for this song to come out! D:< Jpopasia.com better hurry up and get them.
I went to my future high school, Naples High, today and got registered there. Of course I go to get registered the same day as the try outs/sign ups WHATEVER for Cheerleading Bootcamp! D: Oh yeah, my favorite. I have to go back on Kibum's birthday for the Freshman orientation thing. AT 9AM IN THE MORNING. T_T So I will probably have to wake up really early that Friday when I should be baking something with Daisy to celebrate! D:< Yesung's birthday is on the first day of school T_T So maybe Daisy and I should hang out on Saturday to celebrate both...? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK DAISY!
I actually had something to do today, and I have something to do Saturday and Sunday too so I was like "Since when do I have stuff to do?!" and asked Christi if I had anything to do tomorrow and all she did was tell me what she had to do so I was like "T_T So that's a no? Nothing to do for me?" - "Right." - "K bye."
[[ Okay, new subject. - This actually has a subject? I thought it was just the ramblings of you in the middle of the night... - T_T SO?! ]]
I love how I told Anthony I was watching Asian men dance around without their shirts on and he just said "that made me chuckle" XD and NOT something like "ew, why???" hehe. You know once I made Anthony promise me that if we were both around 40 years old and neither of us were married yet he would marry me XD Why? I refuse to die alone and it was really late at night so I was loopy. He was like, "Didn't we already talk about this?" - "No, we talked about our houses being right next to each other and having a wire in between our windows so we could swing into eachother's houses whenever we want..." - "Oh. Well, yeah. Of course I promise." Anthony is too nice for his own good XD
This is turning out to be longer than I expected but I guess that's good since I haven't update since Virginia.
Something about laying on the floor makes me feel better. For the last week I was in Virginia I slept on the floor XD I think I left the poptarts I was going to bring for Daisy in my drawer o_O" I hope my dad doesn't see and is like "WTF?" XD OH DANG. I need to call him. I will tomorrow since I have nothing to do. I need to ask him for a new iPod now so I can ask him for Korean Rosetta Stone [[ since it's really expensive ]] for a birthday AND christmas present. It's like... $500 >_> Oh well, I got a laptop last year. I guess I'm getting more and more expensive T_T I feel bad now. But I always thought I was easy to shop for. But still- Now all you have to do is get me just about anything from YesAsia.com and I will be the happiest person ever. Just type in any of my bands names and pick one I don't have. How hard is that? Oh yeah, except the 2 weeks for shipping >_>
I can't wait until October so I can give Daisy's her presents and see her reaction 8D I know exactly what I am going to get her. [[ Hey Story, it changed from what I told you I was going to get her before ]] But I know for a fact she will love it. Is it weird I'm excited about her birthday more than mine? XD I think so. Story's is closer and I can't get her anything T_T I wish I had my own paypal account...
I can't stop watching the Super Show whenever I can @w@ Only when no one else is home. But big screen TV with surround sound- SUPER JUNIOR? GIMME. XD I've seen the Marry U performance at least 9 times and I still cry everytime I see it. I didn't used to be an emotional person... haha. I feel like taking a million pictures of Raja. [[ my new kitty~ ]] But I don't have batteries for my camera! D:
"Looks like, Purple Line... Gotta introduce myself."
All of the SM Town songs are out now! Although the 12:34 by DBSK is very LQ.
"We gotta purple like that... My tme is still going on."
I have to watch the Purple Line MV again, hehe.
What was I talking about? I was distracted by Yoochun's English again. So... Delicious. XD
"Hello, my name is 2PM" - Junho
XDD I loved that. He's so adorable.
"I'm so sorry but I love you~!"
Albert Joo is so hilarious and cute. hehe.
This laptop is making my lap really warm D:
OTP: Yoosu [forever] & Kangteuk is fighting with Kangsung.
D:< NO ITUNES! I don't feel like listening to SHINee right now! >_> Okay fine...
"Oh Juliette! Oh~" sounds wrong some how. XD
What's Big Bang's color?
TAECYEON~! @w@ I love you too. Even though Junho is my favorite.
2PM playing with preschoolers makes me giggle and it also makes me jealous of them D:
Gotta watch... OH GOSH! I ALREADY SAW THAT MOVIE! XDD Whoops. Daisy said I should watch '2 Faces of My Girlfriend' and I JUST realized I already did! XD I really really liked it. It was funny and sad XD/T_T I think Daisy's liking of sad things rubbed off on me. hehe. SAME BRAIN.
"It's all about you, my butterfly~" :'D

Awesome-ness that was Today;

My mom is being sooo awesome for some reason.

-Pulled me out of school early to see the new X-Men movie,
-Then, after it finished, we got Bad Ass Coffee, which is better than Starbucks.
-Then after sister's baby daddy picked up my nephews, meaning no babysitting this weekend :D, we dropped of my sister and went to the store to buy jelly beans and some new headphones because I had been needing some really bad.
-Then we went to K-Mart, bought cool boxers, a sip-a-mug ~because I love them~, and highlights for my hair, so that we can make it blue! :DDD
-Then I didn't know where we were going, but went to a hair salon and got my hair cut ~just split ends and a little bit shorter bangs~
-THEN we went and got Japanese food, which equals deliciousness for me.
-Went home, and Joey was in a good mood. Ate our food, watched some TV, and I am now highlighting my hair... Then Sunday night, or Monday night, these blond streaks will be BLUE! :D
-I just went driving a little while ago... and now I am watching Mama Mia! Which is a pretty good movie so far except for the 'whores and no Asians' part. :]

How To Kill A Mocking Bird

You better read this Daisy! Haha. You don't want to read this book, and I know that for a FACT! It's about slavery which equals black people...... I hope no black people read this! XD
-BAD NEWS: Kara said that to pass English in highschool you have to read like 15 books about black people!! D: Why can't they make us read books about Asians?! Like the one you have, which also I WANT TO READ! :O
Yeah, so I decided to post this alll about you! :D
SO THERE! I make you watch something too! Haha.
~Love you love you!

I should be sleeping...

Yes, I should be sleeping but I don't want to. I'm only writing this because I guess your suppose to write something and my best friend suggested this website to me. ANYWAY so yeah if you don't know who Super Junior is then you should slap yourself and go listen to them right now! I mainly use myspace. But I guess this too now. You should go to fmylife.com .... It's hilarious. :D I like allll sorts of music so suggest me some! I guess I'll go now, ~Bye!