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Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara.

 A/N: Play the song while reading! It's not long enough though >_<

It was nearly 4AM when he heard it again, Yoochun's voice whispering for him to open his eyes and just look at him. It hurt because that is probably what would happen if Yoochun was actually there, where he should be... The leader always played this song when he was saddest, loneliest... He didn't know Changmin was awake every time. Listening to the heartbreaking lyrics of what was and what might never be again, DBSK as 5. Both of them were doing the same thing; curled up, alone, and crying their hearts out. You could almost hear it over the music at that last awful word that he wishes he didn't understand... Sayonara.


A/N2: It's just a short little thing and I'm surprised I'm even willing to post XD Sorry for sadness~


Long Time, No See!

 So I came on here to post since I never ever do (who's even reading this) and it said "restore?" and I was all "Oooh~ what did I write?" but there was nothing =_=
I can hardly stand my life now-a-days...  I enjoy it most when I'm with Daisy or Sandra but I think I bug them way too much XD
My dad visited in January for his birthday~ but it ended badly because I said goodbye and everything but when I was trying to enter my house I broke down crying and he saw me -____-" I friggin hate people seeing me cry and it was probably the first time he had seen me cry since... I was an infant XD but yeah I didn't call him at all after that because I just felt awful for crying and he ended up calling me a month or so later to schedule plane tickets and stuff... 
Moving on! Yes, that is what I am doing, moving on~ I don't need nor want sad things in my life anymore and I seem to make things that way so I shall move on with my life and not stick by things I make up in my head to make me depressed ^___^
Hm, what else is new? I have new school friends and such so that I can get through the day~ but they're just for school and no where else XD I'm glad I'm not so antisocial that I can't carry on a conversation when I would like~  I just can't start whatsoever! It might also have to do with my thinking that I annoy every single person I talk to and therefore if they start the conversation then it's their own fault, trololololol.
-changes the subject-

This is the most perfect man in existence btw♥
The 3hreevoices photoshoot was the most amazing thing ever 8DDDDDD
I've been shipping 2U more and more~~~~~~~~ they're so adorable! It's probably because I've been liking Yunho more and more XD

Wigs are creepy, contacts are creepy, fake nails are creepy.... The only non-creepy fake thing is fake eyelashes, ㅋㅋㅋ
Photoshoots with Daisy are becoming more regular and it's really fun ^__^
I have restored this over and over to add more! I'll post eventually .__.
But oh hey instead of going to school today even though there's only 6 days left (I'm super sick and hope I don't get credit denial)
I learned how to make gifs!!! Wanna see? Too bad, here they are D:<

My first successful one♪


That awkward moment when your sad and you explode into water...

And that's all for now, folks~ I need to download more HD videos for sure! Especially before I go up to Virginia~
Last day of school: June 9th ; Leaving for Virginia: June 14th ; Coming back: July 12th
I always make sure to be back before Sandra's birthday :3 WHAT TO GET HER?!?!!?!?!!!
Oh yeah, I can't go to her graduation because she never got me a ticket T_________T
Um.. KBYE~♥

Turn It Up, LOUD.

Um, hello again~
I can't even remember the last time I posted XD But I'm here because it's summer time and that is the time for updating these types of things... So, new things first! I got;

An iPhone and my kitty, Boom! :D I'll probably post again soon all about her because I'm becoming a crazy cat lady D8D (( I definitely look like one in that picture, I know XD )) And the cat in the background is my dad's cat, Sarah. She's mean >:o But it's fun to poke her.
Oh yeah, and I made like 30 icons this week :D want to see? Okay~

-go look at the end-
Also; Sandra Delgado may be wondering why there are no DBSK and the answer to that is that I found all the pictures that I made these icons out of on Tumblr yesterday and I saw no DBSK pictures so I didn't think of it! DD: /bricked.
Moving on~
I kind of wished that I was talking on the phone with someone right now because my brain is moving a million times a second and I feel like my mouth would go faster and it is way fun, talking really fast. XD /goes crazy. So Boom has learned to jump from my bed all the way to my head as I sit at the desk D:< Oh yes, and tomorrow I'm going to ask my dad if I can order stuff from YesAsia.com :D I'm getting Super Junior - Bonamona [Repackaged ver.], Micky Style - Burnishing Ring Round Necklace, and something for Sandra~ (( I know what it is now 8D )) I sent my mom TOP's MV 'Turn It Up' and she actually likes him 8D Is it bad that I keep turning it up loud late at night when my room is really close to my dad's and he has to wake up early? D8 I feel bad... So there's this store called Wegmans that is BETTER THAN WAL-MART. That's right, I said it. It's still a grocery store so it doesn't have clothes or anything but it has a HUGE CANDY AISLE, a movie theater, a buffet, a coffee shop, a sushi bar (not nasty like you would expect from Wal-Mart or something), and- A WHOLE AISLE FOR ASIAN THINGS~~~~ Well, there's a small section for Hispanic things but, IT'S SMALLL. XD This is Virginia we're talking about, can't have that much Hispanic things or people will freak out more than they already do. I made the theme on my firefox, Big Bang. 8D Only because I've been spazzing about TOP like crazy ever since his MV came out so it'll probably change soon enough XD I really want to watch PASTA- and I keep saying that I'll start it tomorrow. But then I keep saying it D8 OKAY, THIS I PROMISE YOU, IF I WAKE UP BEFORE 12PM TOMORROW, I WILL START IT ASAP. And I will go to bed before 4AM tonight/morning. I hardly take my crazy person pills (( 5-HTP )) but I feel so much better when I do... I'll sound like a druggy now but I don't care. I sleep amazingly, dream, become less depressed, am in less pain, and it's just amazing. I don't take them often just because I don't want to become addicted to them. Whenever I take those pills with my back pills (( Magnesium something )) my mom says "do you want to go into a coma or something??" because they both help relax my muscles XD Oh well... I had a panic attack my first night in Virginia. I actually thought about going to get my dad for a split second before I chickened out and just called my mom. She calmed me down and I fell asleep while on the phone with her. Boom loves attacking popsicle sticks XD She just wrestles with them all the time. That picture up there is the first and most likely last mirror picture I will ever take! XDD So weird. I love it when Anthony texts me and is like "stand by for updates" XDD I love watching Simon&Martina's videos so much~ I just went to their website and started looking through pictures of the National Museum of Korea and started crying.. I just want to be there already. My dream, my Korean dream, is to live there with my best friend(s) and be a History teacher. I just can not imagine myself happy any other way. I feel like I won't be/can't be happy unless that happens.When I see the Korean flag I feel so much... Pride. When watching soccer I always stand up and put my heart tightly over my heart for the national athem. Maybe it's weird that I don't even like my own country at all, but am in love with one I have no connections with. Whatever~ ^_^
-go look at the end-
오 대한민국~ 승리의 함성~
오 대한민국~ 우오오오오~~~

The first (few) times I watched this I got all emotional and cried also XD I shouldn't be alone so often- I cry a whole lot more. Because if there were people around, I wouldn't cry... (( We never miss, miss! You better kiss this! ))
I'm so dumb something that it's amazing XD I never really thought of it so I JUST realized that:
Seungri = Victory ; Young = Dragon ; Taeyang = Sun ; Bi = Rain ; ETC.
Well Daisy told me before about Taeyang and G-Dragon but I didn't really store it in my head or anything... Then earlier when my brother asked me what the word for rain was, I said that I couldn't remember and now I just wanna kill myself for not knowing! DX
I think I'm going to download Veoh right now so that I can watch Love of Siam (FINALLY) later. Then possibly A Millionaire's First Love if I'm still in a movie mood XD And incase you were wondering, (whoever you might be) it took me two days to write this. Since I obviously can hardly finish a sentence.

<BYE3 ~
so the FRIGGIN codes aren't working.. *cries*

so there's the icons.
and there's the videos I tried to put in >:o
So apparently you have to upload it and... I DON'T WANNA.

(( I had been working on it for an hour T-T ))
-appropriate icon is appropriate-
My dream was weird as heck.
First of all, the lighting for the whole thing was very dim, it was night time.
It's funny how all my nightmares are really bright XD
Anyway, here is what happened.
I was at my grandma's house [nice grandma] with my uncle Jaime there and we were watching TV and this guy was driving a plane and my grandma kept criticizing him the whole time and when he drove into this tunnel thing she was like "Don't you hide from me!" and then finally I was like "Grandma, why are you saying how bad his driving is when you never even drive a plane?" and she laughed and said "Of course I do! I drive it all the time! Maybe you never see it because it's parked out back?" *confused look from me* "Yeah, do you want me to teach you to drive it? Of course I will c'mon!" *drags to previously non-existant backyard* so yeah, I was confused and then it was all completely normal seeming for my grandma to teach me to drive... A plane. Anyways, so I was driving it and she wasn't giving me any instructions at all so it kept flipping and almost running into people's houses and we were laughing! XD It was night remember, so I could hardly see a thing so I asked "Um, next time can we do this when I can see something? *laugh*" she said "Okay, fine~" and then I was driving the plane down the road- suddenly with Daisy, Sandra, and someone I don't know in it and we see that guy that I'm supposed to become friends with across the street in a car! So I opened the window of the plane and tried to yell "HEY!" but it didn't work because it was raining loudly XD [[ Which it actually is right now... O_o ]] Anyways, then we're suddenly in the mall and we decide we want some chocolate REALLY bad. So I had two dollars and Sandra had ten [[ didn't that actually happen? I think so XD ]] and so we put them together, went in Godiva and had the guy give us whatever chocolate we could buy with the $12 and some change we gave him and he gave us four pieces each! 8D So we went and sat in these weird chairs and stools in the Pagoda Piercing place that's in the middle of the hall? Yeah. Because apparently Godiva was the only thing open at that time of night and didn't close, even after the mall did. [[ Luckily, for us chocolate lovers XD ]] Oh yeah, and I took a bite out of the first chocolate before everyone else and Sandra and Daisy had to drag me out of there XD But yeah, we were sitting and as we ate the chocolates- headphones appeared from nowhere and onto our heads and everyone was like "Oh, of course" because it's normal inside my head for headphones to appear from nowhere and play DBSK music while you eat chocolate. Anyway, it was a different song for each chocolate and I can't remember which songs I heard now. But then we realize the guy that gave us the chocolates for a LOT less than normal price was THE GUY I'M SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS WITH. XD I have no idea what his name is by the way, I just know in French class it's "Tay-oh" and something completely different everywhere else. XD Anyway, then he was walking out and I was like "OH!" and then fell off of my stool and hit the floor. Then when I got up he was gone and I said "That was some really delicious chocolate." and then we were at school, seeing J's bus drive off from beside us [[ now it was afternoon and kind of rain-y so still dim light ]] and I was like "SILVER HEADPHONES! LOOK!" and we all looked and giggled and whatnot.
Then I was at my grandma's house with her and my uncle Jaime again.
The End.
I know the ending wasn't as dramatic as my dreams usually are but that's because when I heard Christi shut the door of my room, I woke up. AT 10h30! So I'm tired but I have to go to my brother's wedding now so it's okay. XD I didn't know he was getting married today until yesterday night! He's just going to have a tiny ceremony at my grandma's house and then in July [[ his original date ]] he's going to have the BIG ceremony with everyone. I wonder if I'm going to cry... Well, I haven't been to a wedding since I was like 6 years old and I was like "What the heck is happening?" then. XD So yeah. TTFN.
-PS: I didn't check my LiveJournal friend page yesterday and I won't be able to today until much later so I'll have a million things to go through! XD [[ Do you like orange? ]]
<input ... ></input><input ... >

B.I.G. to the BANG

Fridays are the best thing ever, in case you didn't know ;D (although Thursday is my favorite day)
Woke up at 5AM so I could be at school at 6:15AM so I could get extra credit in Science and I succeeded 8D Got there and looked up at the extremely cloudy and lightning-y sky for a satellite. Failure, duh. But I still got extra credit. =D
So I walked around the nearly deserted and dark school and found Nisheba! Woo~ Sat with her for awhile before I went to look for Daisy and Sandra around the bus loop and just so happened to see Bus 531 arrive ;D So I followed J until I he found a friend (almost immediately) and went into the 2nd Building. Then I found Nisheba and walked with her over to the 6th Building then decided to check one more time for Daisy and Sandra near the 3rd building and BOOM! [[ boom up! Boom boom up! ]] there they were. But we only got to see each other for like 2 minutes before the bell rang and we had to go seperate ways XD
-French = Numbers to 100 and COLORS~ I love the world purple. Violet! Vee-oh-lay~ She played freaky French music that sang the colors. Le coleurs~
-Math = I still like it. And I guess I'm building shoulder muscles because it seems it's not as hard to carry the Algebra honors book everwhere. :3
[[ I effing LOVE seeing Loner in between these classes ]]
-Science; Got my extra credit >8D Did a little worksheet on the satellite that's still headed towards Pluto. Apparently, the satellite we were trying to see this morning will be visible again on Sunday at 8:23PM.
[[ I get to see Loner again~~~ We lock eyes. ]]
-English & Adv Comms Methods; Writing that essay was surprisingly easy =D That weird girl that sits with Daisy and I is well... Weird. Daisy says it's mean to say that XD Oh well... But yeah, she vented in her essay but I graded it higher than I thought it should be. That guy that looks like Jacob, Andrew, and Neil all at that table seem really nice because they're quiet and not loud and annoying like the others. I EFFING HATE THAT GUY WILLY. He's an ass. That's all I'm going to say...
Is amazing. I see all the A's during this time. He is ALWAYS with friends dude, oh gosh. I think I saw Loner talking with somebody! Found out that he has Spanish! So I told Daisy that if he was Korean or Chinese she could say Hello to him in 3 different languages! hehe. We followed J in line >8D He's so adorable. I love his teeth. Loner looked at my shirt yesterday! MWUAHAHAHA~ I love locking eyes with A's... XD
Orchestra = *plays music, gets lost, plays more music* DONE! The bass players are all so freakishly tall.
HOPE = Classroom again *sigh* Where the heck is my iPod when I need it? It's so boring, we never do anything.

Went to Daisy's locker and everything, then walked across the street to the mall. The one time I don't have to hurry to the buses and they leave late. WTF. We [Daisy, Sandra, Me] walked over to the mall with everyone else and walked over to the Food Court [of course xD] And went straight to Panda Express [also, of course] and we saw a guy who is friends with S and I said "Should S be here then?" and guess who I saw! No, not S... JOSIAH~ In line for Taco Bell. I thought he was in line for Dairy Queen so I told Daisy I wanted to go to Taco Bell since it was right next to it and so we ended up being RIGHT behind him *giggles* He got a LOT of food. And is so skinny. I'm jealous. XD Then Sandra and I went over to get drinks from McDonalds while eyeing J's long table of friends. Then they added ANOTHER table to it. Dang he has so many friends. While we were sitting dow
n I saw one of J's friends and I was like "Shouldn't J come looking for him?" around the same time Daisy said it would be nice if he went down to the Japanese place. AND GUESS WHAT HE DID! XD We saw him run past us and touch his friends back while walking by and smiled back at him than proceeded to run down to the Surka Japan restaurant! I was flailing slightly at our correct-ness. He was there for a second then came walking back with a phone in his hand and talking on it. SO HE'S RELATED TO ONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT WORKS THERE! We knew he was Japanese! >8DD Okay, then shortly after we lost him and walked down to Forever 21 and saw some nice stuff that reminded us of many Korean people XD But the manikins are in nasty positions so we left and went down to F.Y.E. to look for Asian things. All we found we this shirt I want SOOO BAD~! It's a peace sign made up of a whole bunch of words which are 'peace' in different languages INCLUDING KOREAN. Mwuahahaha~ Also, when Daisy and I were in line she told me how disgustingly addictive Baja Mountain Dew is and OF COURSE completely agreed because we are the same person. I told her how I took a sip of my mom's and was like 'ew' and then drank most of it and SHE DID TOO. Oh gosh. XDD Anyways, we bought tons of gum I felt myself building jaw muscles XD  We figured Taec has at least 50 pieces a day. Okay, *walk walk walk* Before, I hardly knew anyone in the mall and now I recognize almost all of them! So freaky... Oh yes, we went to the Pet Store. It's a depressing place. X'D Daisy teared up when she saw a dog that looked like her previous dog Baby and I teared up when I told them about a bunny I saw that reminded me SO much of Sylvester. haha T_T. Anyways, went back down to the Food Court and solicited by drawing for like 3 hours. Daisy drew 'Kim Sung Moo'? [a hot Asian male that we wish existed] Or something like that. Sandra drew an Asian lady of some sort. And I drew a simple Lion half mermaid. I kept calling it a Sea Lion which I know doesn't make sense. XD Anyways, so drawing and listening to music [[ and Sandra showing me Yoochun & Jae matching tattoos ]] is all we did for 3 hours and didn't even notice until Christi came and snuck up on me, scaring the crap out of me. She was with my mom and nephews and they only stood there a minute before they moved on to go walk around or whatever. Sandra, Daisy, and I sat there for like 15 minutes longer before these guys sat near us and then the mall cops came and told them to move on because that was soliciting! D:< And so we decided to move along before we were told to XD Then we walked around some more before Daisy went to the bathroom and Sandra and I sat RIGHT in front of the Japanese place :3 That one guy was on the phone a lot and SUPER delicious. He kept looking at Sandra and I and LOCKING EYES. There was also a very adorable and snatchable baby over to the right of where we were sitting and I was like "Awe~~" so when Daisy came back we told her about them and she went to get money from her Mom for a McFlurry [[ aka McHeaven, the number two heaven of the food world- because number one is taken by Orange Chicken ]] and as we were walking away from the table where we were sitting that delicious guy kept STARING until we were ALL the way across the Food Court to get ice cream at McDonalds XD Locking eyes with Asians is my hobby. Anyways, we went and sat down at a little bit farther away table but I think he still saw us. Christi & family came by and said it was time to go so we said goodbye and it was a good thing their Mom and Grandma were outside waiting. Then when I got home I was said because I hadn't listened to G-Dragon ALL day~! And I could NOT find my iPod anywhere. So I laid on the floor for awhile and then my mom was like "Come here~" so I crawled out of my room and was like "T_T What?" she was eating a PLUM and said Christi said it was the last one so I was like T_______T and my mom said "You should have gotten out here quicker and I would have shared it with you..." Then I laid on the floor in the living room for like 10 minutes before she was like "... There's more dinosaur plums in the kitchen along with some Strawberry Milk!" then I ran to the kitchen and was SOOO~ happy because I had been craving those two things for the past week and a half. All happy, I got on my computer and checked everything and grabbed my headphones and plugged them into the computer, turning it close to all the way up and felt a million times better because of plums, strawberry milk, and loud music. BTW; I love f(x), the new girl group from SM. More specifically, their song 'Lachata' I'll have to watch the video more because I've only seen it once and didn't REALLY watch it then because I was going through other Omona stuff :P Now I'm exhausted so I'll check my friends page one more time then be on my way to bed~

+++: I found out I have ANOTHER Asian neighbor! You think I'm lucky right? Well, I would be if anyone in my neighborhood ever came out of their house XD He's older like 45? But I think he's handsome. :3 So all I can do is look outside and hope they come outside around the same time as me :\ I still love that there is a chance of that happening though.


I did it for love.

I didn't update yesterday, like Story told me I should so here I am >_>
My "first" day of school was pretty darn awesome.
I love my French teacher.
My math teacher is like, IN YO FACE
Science teacher is really nerdy and kinda funny.
The English/etc. teacher Ms. Sexton [[ Daisy said our last names go together XD ]] is pretty okay I guess. Not really nice but not really mean- you know?
Orchestra, don't have my own cello D: and the teacher is weird. PEOPLE ARE SO TALL.
HOPE, not with Daisy yet D: , it's boring as heck since we don't do anything all week. I've just been sitting/standing around listening to my iPod which is kinda :D
Bus home; I am so glad I got on the right one XD Walked home and practically fell on to the couch. I was SO exhausted. Didn't go to sleep until 11:00PM either.
---"SECOND" DAY---
Woke up at 5:30AM got ready and walked down to the bus stop around 6:20AM... I forgot my glasses at home which made me less able to see for the day but eh.
Rode the bus and had to sit next to this guy 0_o but we were both just listening to our iPods so he didn't talk to me or anything, he seems like kind of a loner which makes me want to be friends with him but I'm not sure. Team Jacob backpack makes people talk to me. This girl and my neighbor were sitting behind me and I heard them talking about it so I knew they would talk to me so I didn't jump or anything [luckily] when she tapped me on the back and I turned around and she was like "Where did you get your backpack?!" - "... Hot Topic" - "That's awesome. I LOVE it by the way." Neighbor girl: "ME TOO" - "Thanks... *turns back around*"
I found my way easily to all my classes by the way ;D I can figure out where Building 2 is from pretty much anywhere now. HEHE.
French class was still awesome, my name is Elisabeth in there now :] Not too far off... I got a bit confused when she was asking for either first or last names in French but I got it at the end, unfortunately she didn't call on me when I actually understood. I really want to participate in class.
Math class was pretty easy today :D But she said not to get my hopes up for easy-ness. She keeps saying "Just print this this and this out and you'll be fine" and I'm like T_T because I don't have a printer. I feel kinda bad for asking Daisy to print out those rules for me :\ Other than that is was good :D It was so easy I was like "Am I doing this right?!" And I was :3 She said participation counts for a lot so I tried to raise my hand a lot. I like it when my brain pops right back into something instead of just forgetting it all :D I'll help Daisy with her multiplication tables tomorrow. I have ALWAYS gotten a little confused when it comes to the 7 part of the tables but it just takes me longer than the rest. Have to remember to work on that.
Science class, I like the teacher Mr. Thomas, but not so much the people. This girl Rene that's in Math with me too, that I met yesterday, is there but she doesn't really talk to me so I don't really talk to anyone :P I wonder if Daisy knows anyone in her science class...
No one in my group had the mini project thing to turn in D: It was that you had to get a picture of yourself and list three adjectives with your initials and make it all pretty etc. I don't think I can do it because... That'd be weird. Daisy said like 4 guys in our class put "Godly" as one and I was mad saying only Sungmin can use that adjective. She agreed. The girl in our group is nice I guess but.. Weird? Definitely. She must think we're weird XD Since they play like oldies music in between classes and that class is 2 periods long someone was walking out the door right behind her complaining "Why do they have to play THIS music? D:" and she said "Because I like this music and they like me?" to herself and I was like >_> "I like Korean music" Her: >_> Okay...
There was an Assembly for Freshman and I didn't see any Asians there so I guess there aren't any in our grade D: But the assembly was weird and funny when the principle was dissing all the sluts XD Basically saying their short shorts and tanktops tell people they have no respect for themselves which is TRUE. So I like her XD

LUNCH TIME. YESS~~ Asians~ @w@ We went to the office and I was kinda D: because I thought I wouldn't get a chance to see that Japanese [we think] guy but.. HE WAS THERE. I almost tackled Daisy like twice because of him XD AND WE WERE TALKING ABOUT HIM RIGHT BEFORE WE SPOTTED HIM. Why do they always sneak up on us?! XD I love it. WHERE WAS MY CAMERA WHEN I NEEDED IT?! He was in line a lot infront of us and we were freaking out XD Then the lady was like "Okay, this line on go away" and I was thinking he would stay and said "Walk slowly!" but then he was leaving with his nice guy friends [[ NO icky girls and Daisy said one of the guys play the piano :3 ]] and all of the sudden it was like "QUICK! FOLLOW" and I'm pretty sure he has dimples. It makes me die. XD We followed him to the lunch area and then we saw the other one and were all :3 Daisy refused to get in line right behind him so I'm going to work on getting her courage up enough to stand next to them XD We went to the 2nd building to get snacks but by the time we got there the bell rang and Daisy and I had to go to the 10th BUILDING. So we made it there just in time for orchestra and he still didn't have a cello for me but he did for all the other and I was like T_T I WANT MY CELLO~! Other than that and Daisy and I dancing at the end when everyone was waiting for the bell to ring nothing much else happened. HOPE is still just standing around. He said though that we'd be learning a lot in the class which means to me less PHYSICAL and more EDUCATION. :D This little Italian girl picked up my headphone and heard "I can breathe~" from Breathe - G-Dragon and she said "That's cool, who is it?" and instead of explaining G-Dragon from Big Bang in Korea I just said "It's a Korean band" she said "I never listen to that..." and walked away. Hopefully Daisy gets her class switched soon. Found a place to meet Daisy after school, and then us to meet Sandra. Bus home and then home. Now I'm here. My mom's getting me Taco Bell... :D

<input ... ></input><input ... >

Baby, my heart beats for you.

I went to bed at 10PM like a good student. Woke up at 11:30PM, went back to sleep, woke up at 2:30AM tried to go back to sleep but failed completely. Got out of bed at 3:30AM- sick as heck, and laid down on the couch for a while. Around 5:30AM I got up, went to the bathroom, and accidentally threw up in the sink T_T I was still determined to go to school but I woke up my mom [[ around 6AM by then ]] saying "I'm sorry... I threw up in your sink! T___T" and she was like "It's okay" and whatnot. I took a shower- feeling better but by the time I got out it was 6:30AM and I felt really sick again. I didn't even finish getting dressed before I laid down again because I kept getting dizzy and didn't want to throw up again. With my mom helping me, I stood up and knew I was going to throw up again. Both bathrooms are inside rooms and my bathroom door is messed up, keeps almost falling off the hinges and my mom's door and bathroom door were both open and closer so... Yeah. I told her "I'm going to use your bathroom." right before running in there and throwing up in the sink again. She was very much a good mommy this morning. I was crying after I threw up and was like "Can I rinse off?" and she nodded, patting me on the back and so I did in her shower. Luckily, after I did all that I was feeling a little better but exhausted. I had just enough energy to get dressed and pass out on the couch at 7AM. My mom woke me up after the babies woke up and made me get in bed, giving me a bottle of water. Joey woke me up at 1PM and told me to get dressed so I could go down to the school and get my schedule... So I did. After we got my schedule and agenda we went and picked up the babies and she told me how I finally get to ride the orange school bus that I wanted to ride since I was little and never got to. Then she was confused when I told her I rode the bus 5th, 6th, and most of 7th grade. She's so freaky. Now I'm sitting at home and her and Christi keep trying to feed me and make me do things. I refuse to eat in fear of more sickness. And I don't want to do a lot and throw up water. So yeah, that's wh
y I wasn't at school.
I just had to carry my older sister to the couch. I told her Nathan finished all his Go-Gurt and she kept saying What? and I should have known she was going to face-plant on the floor. She keeps passing out randomly and she basically loses her hearing right before she does. So yeah. I'm worried now.
My schedule;
French 1
Algebra 1 Honors

Earth/Space Science 1 Honors
English 1 Honors
Advanced Comms Methods
Orchestra 1
Tell me we have classes together Daisy~!

I am now out of control, continuing alone.

G-DRAGON~!  *flails* HEARTBREAKER~! *fangirl screams*
There is lyrics and AMAZING VIDEO~! OH MY SUNGMIN! 8D
I was going to give Daisy presents [[ for no reason ]] but then I didn't see her so I couldn't and now I don't know where I put them T_T
I made her a CD and then tried it out- turned out it skips and makes me go T____T
Don't know why I love giving Daisy things. XD Maybe so she'll remember me? haha.
SAME SCHOOL AS DAISY AND SANDRA?! YESSS. Sandra shouldn't worry so much. I will only know her and Daisy there too! Daisy probably too- although people she doesn't remember might remember her.
VIKINGS~! Did you know I was a viking? I AM! My ancestor = Eric the Red, the viking that discovered Greenland and named it! He named it Greenland to increase tourism and get more money.
Whoever discovered Iceland named it that so people wouldn't go there, haha.
It's funny when my mom corrects the History Channel.
I would definitely imagine G-D being my heart breaker and not the other way around XD

An Asian lives down the street from me~! >8D I know which car is his. I know it's a he.
I FINALLY SAW HIM. Guess who he kind of looks like! WOOYOUNG FROM 2PM~~~~~
>__> So what if I'm a creeper?! The only people that read this [[ INCLUDING YOU~! ]] are creepers. XD

Kangsung is my official OTP now... Yesung is AMAZING [[ -ly freaky XD ]] ~!
G-Dragon... I love his hip-hop-ish-ness. :D:
My favorite song is either Heartbreaker or Korean Dream. *dances*
I watched MBC Idol Show with Super Junior H.. Well, I only watched the episode with KARA- I think there is more but I can't find it english subbed...
That's the one I watched. Can anyone tell me another? They're so adorable~~
Okay, I hope as soon as Daisy wakes up [[ SOON!! D: ]] she calls me so we can hang o
I bought Nathan's birthday present yesterday- and it's the tiger from Nai Hao Kai Lan. I had to get Turtle something too so I got him the koala that's obsessed with pandas. X
Yeah, so... I'm done for now. XD