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My dream was weird as heck.
First of all, the lighting for the whole thing was very dim, it was night time.
It's funny how all my nightmares are really bright XD
Anyway, here is what happened.
I was at my grandma's house [nice grandma] with my uncle Jaime there and we were watching TV and this guy was driving a plane and my grandma kept criticizing him the whole time and when he drove into this tunnel thing she was like "Don't you hide from me!" and then finally I was like "Grandma, why are you saying how bad his driving is when you never even drive a plane?" and she laughed and said "Of course I do! I drive it all the time! Maybe you never see it because it's parked out back?" *confused look from me* "Yeah, do you want me to teach you to drive it? Of course I will c'mon!" *drags to previously non-existant backyard* so yeah, I was confused and then it was all completely normal seeming for my grandma to teach me to drive... A plane. Anyways, so I was driving it and she wasn't giving me any instructions at all so it kept flipping and almost running into people's houses and we were laughing! XD It was night remember, so I could hardly see a thing so I asked "Um, next time can we do this when I can see something? *laugh*" she said "Okay, fine~" and then I was driving the plane down the road- suddenly with Daisy, Sandra, and someone I don't know in it and we see that guy that I'm supposed to become friends with across the street in a car! So I opened the window of the plane and tried to yell "HEY!" but it didn't work because it was raining loudly XD [[ Which it actually is right now... O_o ]] Anyways, then we're suddenly in the mall and we decide we want some chocolate REALLY bad. So I had two dollars and Sandra had ten [[ didn't that actually happen? I think so XD ]] and so we put them together, went in Godiva and had the guy give us whatever chocolate we could buy with the $12 and some change we gave him and he gave us four pieces each! 8D So we went and sat in these weird chairs and stools in the Pagoda Piercing place that's in the middle of the hall? Yeah. Because apparently Godiva was the only thing open at that time of night and didn't close, even after the mall did. [[ Luckily, for us chocolate lovers XD ]] Oh yeah, and I took a bite out of the first chocolate before everyone else and Sandra and Daisy had to drag me out of there XD But yeah, we were sitting and as we ate the chocolates- headphones appeared from nowhere and onto our heads and everyone was like "Oh, of course" because it's normal inside my head for headphones to appear from nowhere and play DBSK music while you eat chocolate. Anyway, it was a different song for each chocolate and I can't remember which songs I heard now. But then we realize the guy that gave us the chocolates for a LOT less than normal price was THE GUY I'M SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS WITH. XD I have no idea what his name is by the way, I just know in French class it's "Tay-oh" and something completely different everywhere else. XD Anyway, then he was walking out and I was like "OH!" and then fell off of my stool and hit the floor. Then when I got up he was gone and I said "That was some really delicious chocolate." and then we were at school, seeing J's bus drive off from beside us [[ now it was afternoon and kind of rain-y so still dim light ]] and I was like "SILVER HEADPHONES! LOOK!" and we all looked and giggled and whatnot.
Then I was at my grandma's house with her and my uncle Jaime again.
The End.
I know the ending wasn't as dramatic as my dreams usually are but that's because when I heard Christi shut the door of my room, I woke up. AT 10h30! So I'm tired but I have to go to my brother's wedding now so it's okay. XD I didn't know he was getting married today until yesterday night! He's just going to have a tiny ceremony at my grandma's house and then in July [[ his original date ]] he's going to have the BIG ceremony with everyone. I wonder if I'm going to cry... Well, I haven't been to a wedding since I was like 6 years old and I was like "What the heck is happening?" then. XD So yeah. TTFN.
-PS: I didn't check my LiveJournal friend page yesterday and I won't be able to today until much later so I'll have a million things to go through! XD [[ Do you like orange? ]]
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