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Turn It Up, LOUD.

Um, hello again~
I can't even remember the last time I posted XD But I'm here because it's summer time and that is the time for updating these types of things... So, new things first! I got;

An iPhone and my kitty, Boom! :D I'll probably post again soon all about her because I'm becoming a crazy cat lady D8D (( I definitely look like one in that picture, I know XD )) And the cat in the background is my dad's cat, Sarah. She's mean >:o But it's fun to poke her.
Oh yeah, and I made like 30 icons this week :D want to see? Okay~

-go look at the end-
Also; Sandra Delgado may be wondering why there are no DBSK and the answer to that is that I found all the pictures that I made these icons out of on Tumblr yesterday and I saw no DBSK pictures so I didn't think of it! DD: /bricked.
Moving on~
I kind of wished that I was talking on the phone with someone right now because my brain is moving a million times a second and I feel like my mouth would go faster and it is way fun, talking really fast. XD /goes crazy. So Boom has learned to jump from my bed all the way to my head as I sit at the desk D:< Oh yes, and tomorrow I'm going to ask my dad if I can order stuff from YesAsia.com :D I'm getting Super Junior - Bonamona [Repackaged ver.], Micky Style - Burnishing Ring Round Necklace, and something for Sandra~ (( I know what it is now 8D )) I sent my mom TOP's MV 'Turn It Up' and she actually likes him 8D Is it bad that I keep turning it up loud late at night when my room is really close to my dad's and he has to wake up early? D8 I feel bad... So there's this store called Wegmans that is BETTER THAN WAL-MART. That's right, I said it. It's still a grocery store so it doesn't have clothes or anything but it has a HUGE CANDY AISLE, a movie theater, a buffet, a coffee shop, a sushi bar (not nasty like you would expect from Wal-Mart or something), and- A WHOLE AISLE FOR ASIAN THINGS~~~~ Well, there's a small section for Hispanic things but, IT'S SMALLL. XD This is Virginia we're talking about, can't have that much Hispanic things or people will freak out more than they already do. I made the theme on my firefox, Big Bang. 8D Only because I've been spazzing about TOP like crazy ever since his MV came out so it'll probably change soon enough XD I really want to watch PASTA- and I keep saying that I'll start it tomorrow. But then I keep saying it D8 OKAY, THIS I PROMISE YOU, IF I WAKE UP BEFORE 12PM TOMORROW, I WILL START IT ASAP. And I will go to bed before 4AM tonight/morning. I hardly take my crazy person pills (( 5-HTP )) but I feel so much better when I do... I'll sound like a druggy now but I don't care. I sleep amazingly, dream, become less depressed, am in less pain, and it's just amazing. I don't take them often just because I don't want to become addicted to them. Whenever I take those pills with my back pills (( Magnesium something )) my mom says "do you want to go into a coma or something??" because they both help relax my muscles XD Oh well... I had a panic attack my first night in Virginia. I actually thought about going to get my dad for a split second before I chickened out and just called my mom. She calmed me down and I fell asleep while on the phone with her. Boom loves attacking popsicle sticks XD She just wrestles with them all the time. That picture up there is the first and most likely last mirror picture I will ever take! XDD So weird. I love it when Anthony texts me and is like "stand by for updates" XDD I love watching Simon&Martina's videos so much~ I just went to their website and started looking through pictures of the National Museum of Korea and started crying.. I just want to be there already. My dream, my Korean dream, is to live there with my best friend(s) and be a History teacher. I just can not imagine myself happy any other way. I feel like I won't be/can't be happy unless that happens.When I see the Korean flag I feel so much... Pride. When watching soccer I always stand up and put my heart tightly over my heart for the national athem. Maybe it's weird that I don't even like my own country at all, but am in love with one I have no connections with. Whatever~ ^_^
-go look at the end-
오 대한민국~ 승리의 함성~
오 대한민국~ 우오오오오~~~

The first (few) times I watched this I got all emotional and cried also XD I shouldn't be alone so often- I cry a whole lot more. Because if there were people around, I wouldn't cry... (( We never miss, miss! You better kiss this! ))
I'm so dumb something that it's amazing XD I never really thought of it so I JUST realized that:
Seungri = Victory ; Young = Dragon ; Taeyang = Sun ; Bi = Rain ; ETC.
Well Daisy told me before about Taeyang and G-Dragon but I didn't really store it in my head or anything... Then earlier when my brother asked me what the word for rain was, I said that I couldn't remember and now I just wanna kill myself for not knowing! DX
I think I'm going to download Veoh right now so that I can watch Love of Siam (FINALLY) later. Then possibly A Millionaire's First Love if I'm still in a movie mood XD And incase you were wondering, (whoever you might be) it took me two days to write this. Since I obviously can hardly finish a sentence.

<BYE3 ~
so the FRIGGIN codes aren't working.. *cries*

so there's the icons.
and there's the videos I tried to put in >:o
So apparently you have to upload it and... I DON'T WANNA.


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Jun. 26th, 2010 03:18 am (UTC)
Love the picture, theme=green~

You should finally watch Love of Siam and I should totally watch Like Grains of FREAKING Sand...! XD


Lol are we weird for showing our mom's thing like TOP's MV even though it has the girls and weirdness? i think not, but yeah I noticed it may seem weird... idk.. XD

Why don't you use headphone CHICK!?~

Wegmans sounds... like the man~~ XD

Pasta is pure amazing-ness really T__T My favorite main girl character so far really :o
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